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Thread: Panasonic DV-DS65 HELP!

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    Default Panasonic DV-DS65 HELP!

    I have the Panasonic NV-DS65 Camera.

    Encountered a problem with it when i brought it home the other day from filming to upload onto the computer.

    When i turn it on in video or camera mode it i cannot use any fuctions at all. It appears as though a key-lock has been accidentally turned on??? I cannot find a keylock button anywhere??? Is there a press and hold function on one of the other buttons that applies this keylock??? just a thought.

    I cannot use any of the play/fforward/rewind/still etc functions, no menu control, no response from the remote control.
    In video mode all that appears is a black screen with the battery/time features displayed on it.
    In camera mode i can see the camera capture image appearing on the lcd screen but pressing record does nothing.

    I have checked such basic things as:
    Different Tapes
    Running from power supply

    Another thing is the light that indicates whether the power is on or not comes on fully as normal when the camera is turned on but then after a few seconds it emits 2 short flashes approx every 3 seconds. And then the power turns off after idleing for a few minutes. Any idea why this happens?

    Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks. Dan.

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    This fault has occurred to me twice now. The first time I spent over $150NZ having it repaired and was told that it was a dry joint. The second I did it myself after Googling the problem and finding that many other DS65s and Panasonics in general have this issue.
    Anyway; you need to remove the bottom cover. This involves removing 4 screws from the bottom of the DS65 (not required to unscrew the one by the battery release catch) one screw found inside the display and one screw on the opposite side to the display. Then carefully prise off the cover. Under this you will find several ribbon cables. Carefully make sure that all of these cables are seated correctly. Although none of mine appeared loose (and the same can be said for the other successful users of this solution) this did the trick and the camera is now back to fully functioning again.
    Hope this works for you.

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