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    Hi Wich is a great Camcorder to buy so as I can record my Own Music video.
    I am willing to spend one thousand dollars.
    Or at least what type of camera to buy ,,dvd ,highdef ,,,DV ?????? Thanks in advance.
    Yes i will need to find great soft ware for editing music video also

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    high def is generally very expensive, you won't find many in that price range, mini-dv cameras are inexpensive now, you can find a pretty good quality one for around 600, that leaves you some money to get a program, a basic program would be adobe premiere elements, you can buy that almost anywhere. i've never used a dvd cam before, but have heard they are alright, but i have no problems at all with mini dv so i recommend that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sk8_aholic View Post
    i've never used a dvd cam before, but have heard they are alright
    Avoid a DVD camera like it was the plague! (just incase you hadn't spotted the forum posts by every single person who has ever bought one and tried to edit from it.)

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