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    Is there any reduction in quality, when rendering video that has already been rendered before? Such as rendering video to a new track, then rendering that.

    Using Sony Vegas 6 Platinum.

    Cheers Mark

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    Yes, a bit, how much varies.

    When you render all your video gets squeezed through the codec again, the more times through the more the quality is reduced.

    However with the DV codec this is very small, anything below 5 times should be fine, and I think sony claim thier dv codec is good for 20 plus.

    Highly compressed codecs should never be rerendered, they will really suffer.

    If you are the perfectionist paranoid type like me then you might considor using the huff lossless codec for mid project renders. As good as uncompressed but a third (ish) the size and edits fine in most NLEs.

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    I have the same problem but in Premire Pro. What is huff lossless codec? Where do I get it? Will it work for Premiere Pro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    . . you might considor using the huff lossless codec for mid project renders.
    Our friend here is on Vegas Plat6. I'm not sure they get to get a choice of templates - HUFFY uncompressed - as we do Mark? I'm really not sure.

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