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Thread: Wall of video clips - plugin / how to do?

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    Default Wall of video clips - plugin / how to do?

    I'm creating a summary of a talent show for showing at the intro to the live final and was looking for some inspirational for a way of showing clips from many acts in an eye catching way.

    I had the idea of trying to recreate the classic 'wall of videos' where there are a grid of videos on the screen and a few a zoomed in on, before zooming out and selecting another one. After doing this a few times the camera zooms out showing that the clips are actually part of the logo.

    I could this do manually using pan/crop and keyframes but adding about 16 videos (i.e. a 4 x 4 grid) and then resizing them to a small equal size, then zooming in and out, but I was just wondering if there was a Vegas script to do this for you, or if anyone had any other recommendations.


    EDIT: just found out this is called "The Brady Bunch Effect" if that rings any bells for people
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    Don't know if you have after effects but I made this one 1,5 years ago which uses the same logic more or less
    I used a tutorial from creative cow for that:

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    Thanks for the link. That's essentially what I'm looking for but I havn't got After Effects I'm afraid, only Sony Vegas 7 and particleIllusion

    Nice video though!

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    I use Edward Troxel's Video Wall within EXCALIBUR.


    Please try out Vegas7's track Motion!! I implore you!

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