Hi All,

A newbie here, with what is probably a simple questionÖÖ

Iíve got a song saved in my itunes library that I want to use on a project but Iím having trouble transferring it to my media files on Vegas. When I explore my itunes file folder, the song doesnít appear when Iíve got "file type: All Media Files" selected, but when I change it to "All Files" I get a windows media file with the song title but when I transfer this to the time line thereís no audio there at all!

Any ideas? Iím guessing itís something simple like having to download the file in a different way, but as Iím a novice I really donít know!


At the start of my project Iíve got a still picture with text on top for about 40 seconds whilst an audio track plays (it has to be this long to fit all of the audio that I want on). Is there any way that I can make the text flash/fade in and out or just do something a bit more interesting than just sit there for the full 40 seconds?

By the way Iím using Vegas 6.

Thanks for all your help/advice/suggestions.