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Thread: editing a avi file

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    Default editing a avi file

    i have a avi file that is about 700 meg, im trying to edit it in premier pro, but the sound is completly out of sync and the picture glitches in the preview video.
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    what exactly you wanna do?
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    i want to be able to edit a avi file i have. when the file is in the source monitor it glitches and the sound is completlely out of sync, i thought once i move it to the time line and render it, this would fix it, but it isnt the case. what codecs does premier pro like best? sorry if im a litte vauge
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    any ideas for this one
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    All my editing is done in AVI format and of files of larger size than this. It could be a memory issue. What are your machines specifications? Have you editied files of this size before?


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    What is the format of the AVI file?

    ie. Compression codec, dimensions, framerate, sound sampling rate

    What are your project settings in Premiere?

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