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Thread: Problem with vegas 7

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    Default Problem with vegas 7

    Hi I have sony vegas 7, and it installed perfectly with no problems, but whenver I import media files, I can't see anything in the preview box only get audio, and no media. In the tirmmer it says the media is offline, but I haven't deleted, renamed or moved the media files.

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    I'm guessing here, and if you DON'T have an external monitor connected, make sure you haven't mistakenly click on the EXTERNAL Monitor by mistake.

    But having your "Media Off line" is weird IF you can be certain you have access to it. PLUS it is one thing to have Media Offline. It is another thing to have AUDIO and not see the video. This would suggest that the Audio has become separated from the video?

    I need more info.

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    I had the same problem as you what I did was go through and delete and files with the extension .sfk which have the same file name as all of the files that i attempted to add into vegas but only got audio

    So what you need to do is go to every location where a video was dragged and dropped into vegas and delete the files that end with .sfk

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    An SKF file is purely a "peak" file and contains the graphic image of the audio waveform that you see on the timeline. And as you have noted you can delete this file, but the next time you use the media it came from it will automatically be re-created.

    So, video Media residing anywhere on your system that IS opened in Vegas will have an SKF file created alongside it. You delete, it will be recreated. Move the Media and open it FROM that position you will another "copy" SKF file created there. And so on and so on. These ARE small files but if you ARE running out of hd space then these can be a factor in access times.

    Several solutions:

    * Don't move media around!

    * Don't have them created at all! - Deselect the "Options - Prefs - Draw waveforms and frames in events" box. All audio and video is still there but you won't see anything on your timeline other than a blank white box.

    The point I'm making is that once you understand just WHAT these files are, your "handling" of media and these puppies will most likely assist you on making a judgement call on WHAT you do with them - yeah?

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