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Thread: Vegas Will Not Render Correctly

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    Unhappy Vegas Will Not Render Correctly

    Hello, I am having some really serious problems with Sony Vegas 7.0d. It takes up an extremely unreasonable amount of RAM, and it will not render on any setting above preview (Render Quality, WMV.) without getting to about the end of any project and then failing saying that an exception has occured, and that the reason for the error cannot be determined. I am really getting frustrated, and I am in the middle of three projects for some people, and I am stuck untill I fix this problem. I have searched and searched for the answer, with no avail. I have reinstalled three times, I have tried different projects to see if my project was just corrupted, I have done almost everything that I can think of. Please help a fellow editor... thanks.

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    my 7.0d works fine and uses on Windows 2000
    128 MB of ram without any media imported
    131 MB of ram with a 91 mb movie imported!

    Some kind of dependency problem? Like er...I think that vegas uses .NET and Microsoft's SQL for the media manager and these might be old or something.

    Anyway, it is the environment, so I don't suppose you have another computer?

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    in the preferences you can turn off the media manager which frees up a chunk of ram

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