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Thread: Burn a VCD as a regular DVD?

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    Default Burn a VCD as a regular DVD?

    I have a VCD in the form of a .bin and .cue file. I know how to burn them to a CD-R and play it as a regular VCD, but I want to burn it to a DVD so it can be just like a regular DVD movie. I don't want it to be a VCD, I want it to be a DVD video. How can I go about doing this?

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    I am 99% certain that the only way to make playable dvds is to use an authouring program.

    I use sony dvd architect but I think there are many cheaper options - nero for example, you might even already have it.

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    You can get around reauthouring if your DVD player supports MPEG formats. Since your video (I assume) is playable in VCD it must conform to the following specifications:

    1) the video file has been encoded in "MPEG-1" format
    2) the video portion is 352 x 240 @ 29.97 HZ or 352 X 240 @ 23.976 HZ (NTSC) or 352 x 288 @ 25 HZ(PAL)
    3) the audio portion is 44.1KHZ stereo @ 224 Kbits per second

    If these requirements have been met then NERO will put this into a "VIDEO_TS" folder and burn it onto a DVD. I play MPEGS in this fashion all the time on my DVD player
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