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    Just found an old digital 8 tape and would please like some advise on the best way to view the images on it. We now use a mini DV camcorder and previously managed to use a vhs c adapter cassette to view our older vhs c tapes. Is there such an adapter for digital 8? is there an easy way to view this digital 8 tape when we no longer have the original camcorder?

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    It will not sit in an adaptor and play in a vcr like the vhs-c did.

    VHS-C is/was an analogue format that was compatible with VHS. Digital 8 is, er, a digital format that your VCR will not understand.

    If you could borrow a Digital 8 camera you may be able to make a digital copy of the Digital 8 tape onto miniDV (assuming your miniDV camera has DV In).

    Digital 8 cameras often go for a song on eBay.

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    Thank you for your swift reply. I have recently installed a video capture card and am sorting all our old photos and video tapes to put them on hard drive and dvd. I can not ever remember having this old digital 8 tape so E-bay it is and I just hope what is on the tape is worth the hassle of converting it to dv format.

    thanks again for your advise.



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