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    Default sound problem

    I've got this problem that I'm not sure if it is at all premiere that is to blame, but try and help me anyway.

    I recently started a new project, I imported my raw clips and put them in the timeline. I pressed play to check and see if all was fine, the actual visuals of the movie came up but there was no sound. Only when I scrubbed the timeline could I hear the sound. I tried importing other clips that before had worked but the same thing happened. I also checked out the acual dv avi file and played it in Wmedia player and the sound was there then. After that I reinstalled premiere but the problem is still there...
    What is wrong ?

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    Go to project>settings audio and check the audio output settings. I'm not at my editing computer at the moment, but I think there's also something under settings>general>playback. Just have a check through these things and you should be able to find one of the audio output options not ticked.

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    well..the strange thing is that after a good nights sleep it worked again.
    I didn't do anything. I've also got replies in other forums and the same problem has occured to others too and suddenly the problem goes away...
    So it might just be a bug

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    Default Possible Cause

    Just an idea,
    I've had a similar problem, I was using DV files from different cameras with audio at 32 and 46mhz (or whatever the standards/units are) so I had the properties set to the higher level, I think it was because Premiere was "conforming" the audio clip in the backround, then after it had conformed the clip, which took a little while, I could play it back fine, with sound.
    look out for a "conforming audio" message in the status bar at the bottom right.
    That might be the cause of it if the problem goes away after a bit. Check your project audio properties are correct and it might not happen.
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