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Thread: Wanted: Animators/ Compositors UNPAID. 4x 1 minute pitch video for TV series

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    Default Wanted: Animators/ Compositors UNPAID. 4x 1 minute pitch video for TV series

    Wanted: Animators/ Compositors UNPAID. 4x 1 minute pitch video for TV series. Time: 1-2 days per short. ASAP start. Bermondsey, London.

    We are working on a 24 minute pilot for a live-action puppet series using 12" rod puppets all shot and lit like a feature film...

    "If Quentin Tarrantino, Dr Dre, Ridley Scott, South Park, Funkadelic, a Hummer H2 & the entire cast of The Muppet Show were squeezed into a tiny 'Barbie' sized food processor you would have one huge mess... and that mess would would be called.. YO! FUNKYTOWN."

    After having spent several months creating the vast number of sets and puppets we have now begun filming. As part of the pitch package for the Yo! Funkytown project we're filming 4 one minute shorts... in our own very personal Funkytown style. We are looking for animators/compositors to do the animation and compositing of 3D mouth animation which will be laid over the top our live-action puppeteered characters (animating using packages like Maya, 3D Studio Max etc, and compositing with Shake, After Effects etc).

    The work is reasonably simple, and somebody confident in the software should be able to turn around one short in a day. Ideally, the same person could do all 4 shorts, but we're happy to share this out depending on people's time commitments. We have the ability to provide software at our offices (Bermondsey - one stop from London Bridge on the Jubilee Line) or it may be easiest to work from home - we'll leave it up to you! It's a great opportunity to get something very distinctive and polished on your showreel pretty quickly.

    The pilot is a speculative venture and since this is a small, self-funded project we are unable to pay for your time (boo, hiss!), but on the positive side we provide a highly enjoyable working environment, we're nice people and make great tea...and are working on possibly the best thing in London at the moment which hopefully makes up for it a bit . Don't just take our word for it - take a look at the website for this project (

    Our previous productions can be viewed at our website, We will be meeting potential animators/compositors ASAP. Please contact us through a link to a showreel is really helpful. Because we're having to turn things around very quickly we're looking for people who really know their way around the software- but this doesn't exclude anyone without professional experience. Thank you!

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    Interesting post this:

    While i appreciate you are stating this is an unpaid venture surely if you are looking to get this on air and submitted to a TV station could you not offer at least the possibility of a small defferred payment? Also will the animators be credited?

    I ask only beacause on checking your site and looking at your previous work you have a certain level of sucess so if you were to submit this to broadcasters and get payment for it, it would only be fair to offer some of that to the people who did the work.

    * There's always something stupidly funny about puppets throwing up!

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    The animator would get definitely get a credit, but there probably wouldn't be payment for these shorts.

    What we are trying to do is build a team of people that we would actually want to work for us if/or when this gets commissioned (we have begun contacting people regarding this and feedback has been very very positive indeed). We are all doing it without pay, but what we have right now is a small core of people who truly believe and see the potential of where this thing could go (we have seasoned pro DOP's who are literally flying back and forth, at their own expense, from jobs in germany to film this - no joke).

    So, if we get funding, then we can start to pay people for their loyalty and faith. But doing the work now to a really good standard will mean that we would be contacting them before anyone else when the time comes to do a pilot episode and series.

    Hope that helps, and persuades someone out there to show some faith in it also. Like we have told a very high profile talent agent just today, "It would take an incredibly brave person, bordering on stupid, to say this won't be a massive phenomenon and that they wouldn't represent us".

    By the way, a new trailer and photos will be on the website ( in the next couple of days, so check it out.

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