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Thread: Flicker on Output Confusion

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    Question Flicker on Output Confusion

    Dear all,

    I just managed to persuade Encore DVD 2.0 to build my dvd and then burn it. Its entitely based on menus and slideshows. *Some* of the pictures and slides flicker somewhat which makes it difficult to watch

    I've checked my transcode settings which are set to PAL High Quality 4Mb VBR 2 Pass (I'm in the UK). Should I set this to PAL High Quality 7MB Progressive 2 Pass? The DVD player will be used on a 'relatively' new tv and dvd set top player or does that not make a difference?

    Can somebody please help me decipher what else I need to check (interlacing?) or change in my setup?

    Any help much appreciated,



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    I had a similar issue in Vegas. Rendered the vid 4 different times with different settings, finally what i had to do was open a second Vegas window and copy my tracks to a new project. All was well after that. This tells me it was something in the initial project setup, don't know what though.

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    In Premiere ther is a 'remove flilcker' option for the like of still in your project. Not sure if the option exists in Encore for slideshows though. try right clicking on the timeline for an image. If it's there you might have to repeat for each eimage though.


    When you build your slideshow choose the 'random pan and zoom' option. I find this a lot nicer personally and because the image is not static anymore it might just remove your problem as well. Worth a try.

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