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Thread: video editing laptop which one?

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    Default video editing laptop which one?

    hello all

    im a bit new to video editing with small skills and just create small videos on my home computer. im going traveling soon and looking to get a good laptop that will be able to take video editing well and produce good movies of my time while traveling can anyone give me some ideas what laptops best and where to buy or what to look for in a laptop


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    In a similar situation myself, although I have a fair amount of video editing experience, just not using a laptop. What's the way to go and how much would I expect to pay?

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    Editing takes power - get the fastest and fattest you can afford.

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    If you're not concerned about specific platform (i.e. XP or Mac) I'd recommend Dell because they offer the most customisation. I've used a 1.6Ghz Centrino Pentium M (single core) Dell Inspiron, 400Mhz FSB, 1Gb RAM with 7200rpm hard drive and huge screen res for over 2 years running Adobe Premiere Pro with Standard Definition.

    BUT consider whether you want to do high definition, i.e. 720p, 1080i or 1080p and try to find out if your chosen platform can cope with editing AND capturing without dropping frames.

    I'm looking to move into the HD area myself and broaden my knowledge of software by considering a MacBookPro but I'm still working this one out whether it will cope. See my other threads.

    BUT If you are happy to stick with standard definition resolution then the Dell spec I mentioned would be fine. The latest specs will be dual core which will be way ahead of my system spec.

    Got a camcorder yet? If not I would consider a Nokia N95 as it apparently takes 30fps near DVD quality onto solid state memory cards - very handy for travelling.

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    As Mark W says, as much of everything as you can afford.

    I use a T2500 core duo with 2gb ram,256 Vram and sata HDD, and this has no problem with DV editing but really starts to struggle with HDV, I mean it does it and the final output is top quality, it is just a bit sluggish during editing if I start using effects.

    Canon, Edius, Final Cut Studio, Always Progressive, Promotional Video Production

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    I just so happen to be sat with a mac with the exact same spec as miwhel (T2500 core duo with 2gb ram,256 Vram and sata HDD)

    I just thought i'd run a quick test (cos I'm sad like that) on editing in 1080i.

    I've just added a motion filter (spinning the footage), find edges, gaussian blur, ripple, solarize, and a colour tint, and it's only just starting to seem a bit on edge, but it's still running ok.
    Just added a luma key and layered another clip underneath and it's still running on a realtime playback..
    and now a fish eye filter. It's just become slow and dropping frames in playback. but it's still workable.

    All this is without rendering...Hardley sluggish as it's on full quality preview too.

    Buy the best you can afford, but don't be disapointed if it's not the top spec. This mac must be a year old now, and still pulling it's weight well.

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    rock :: Xtreme SL Pro :: Ultimate performance gaming laptops and notebooks

    May be a bit to large to "lug" about with you but the 20" screen is a cracker.

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