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Thread: rendering video files

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    Default rendering video files

    I wanted to know how to render video files using quictime player pro. I have this software and don't know how to render my selected video as small one. By the way thanks in advance!!

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    Open the video in quicktime player, then select File>Export.

    The window that opens gives you a couple of drop down boxes. The top one has the formats type in [E.G. AVI, MPEG-4, Etc]. The second drop down box has preset settings for size and bit rates for different uses [E.G. CD-ROM, Broadband, Dial-up etc].

    To create your own custom size videos, click on the options button on the right of these drop down boxes.
    In there you have the resolution options, as well as data rate, format, and audio options, amongst others. input your desired figures, click ok, then choose what you want to call it, and where you want to save it.

    It's much easier than I've made it sound!

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    Default okk wht abt here?

    Ok... What abt Vegas Movie Studio 7.0. Is it possible to get the h.264 export settings here, if so then tell me step wise in detail.

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