Sorry about double post but i wasnt sure where to post this.

hey all i'm upgrading my PC, atm i'm running prem pro 2 with no probs ( truthfully ) editing SD DV video. though i will be ugrading my cpu, ram and video card soon ( once the funds come in lol) Heres the current specs:

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-8pe667 PRO
RAM: 1Ghz
CPU: P4 2.4
Video card: 128 Radeon 9000 Pro AGP
Firewire IEEE1394 for SD DV capture

What i will be upgrading to:

Mobo: same as above, i am keeping the same mobo so the graphics card with HAVE to be AGP, not PCI-E.

RAM: 2Ghz (Max supported by Mobo)
CPU: P4 3.06 (Max supported by Mobo)

Video card: Now this will be a toss up between the :

ATI Radeon X1950 PRO Turbo 512MB AGP

or the

Nvidia 7800 GS 512 MB AGP

Both cards come in 256MB and 512MB variants, with video editing would i notice the difference with the 512 over the 256 ? is it worth it ? i am upgrading the cpu and ram regardless but i thought i would ask the expert on the video card.

With the following upgrades what can i expect, a big jump ? noticable redering/video saving times ??

Be kind i'm a newb ( this is a hobby pc, and will not be for pro editing )

Thanks regards Marty.