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Thread: Similar to "Mr. Banned's" problem

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    Question Similar to "Mr. Banned's" problem

    Instead of trying to pirate someone else's work, i'm actually dealing with video i shoot. When i export to MPEG2 format you see lines in the video. i'm really not familiar with all the different settings that you can change so i'm not sure what would make it look better. I'm shooting in PAL format, am using the PAL project setting, and when i export the video i select the PAL format.

    I'm using the Panasonic HVX200, maybe there are some settings on the camera that are messed up. It's not my personal camera so other people have used it.

    Any tips or suggestions are greatly appriciated! Also if someone could point me in the right direction for a book or something that goes through and explains all those different settings, i would appriciate that also.

    The attacted photo is an example of what the video is looking like when i export it.

    Thank you in advance
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    The question is indeed similar to Mr banned's but it has been asked oh so much nicerer

    This is a standard interlacing 'issue' and is not usually a problem at all. I'll explain briefly.

    Your footage was shot in an interlaced format designed for TVs. However you are editting the footage and viewing it on a NON_intelarced device. namely you PC monitor. As such you see the 'effect' you show in your still image. Leave everything as it is during th eedit stage and simply decide how to export your final edit depending on your delivery platform.

    You see, if you intend to publish to the web then you will need to do your final export with a de-interlace filter on it to remove the 'jaggies' for viewing on a PC monitor. However, if your dellivery platform is a DVD for TV viewing then just export as MPEG2 for DVD production and do NOT de-interlace. The resault wil lstay as you see it now but when your make your DVD and play it back on a TV (an interlaced device) it will magically look just right.

    Hope this helps.

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    that is extreamly helpful!
    I will be exporting it to a DVD but it will most likely be show through a projector. will it depend on whether the projector is hooked up to a computer or a DVD player if i need the de-interlace filter?

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