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    Hello there guys, last time I posted a question about rotoscoping I didn't receive an anwser. So here is my question again.

    Is it possible to rotoscope a video in vegas?
    I'm sorry for my English. I'm from Holland

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    Of course it is. BUT.... It's VERY time consuming and fiddly. Using masks you can do an awful lot in Vegas.

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    I've got time enough so that's no problem . Can you please tel me something more, or can you give me an example or something? That might help.
    I'm sorry for my English. I'm from Holland

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    you need to create a mask (or a matte depending on what you call it), and match the points of the matte to the shape you want to rotoscope. So basically putting a shape over an object to cover it.

    Then you will need to keyframe points of that shape, and make adjustments to them, so that you are still covering the obect you are animating.

    if there is lots of linear movement you can get away with leaving a longer time between each keyframe (for a car driving by, etc), but for more dynamic shapes (a dog running, for example) you may need to create a keyframe every frame of the video.

    you can then change the colour of the mask/matte/shape to something more relevant.

    You will then need to repeat the proccess for each shape or light level that you want to create.

    That's it in a very compressed explanation.

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    Thank you for the anwser I think I'm going to try this today.
    I'm sorry for my English. I'm from Holland

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    There is a plug for Sony from a guy called "Satish" that does/allows you to do rotoscoping (not sure if it works in V7) (wax)
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    Hey Aottens - hint hint.... try doing something other than bloody light sabres and you will get much more respect, well from me anyway

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    Good id, this summer vacation i'm going to try to make a kind of war movie. With blank firing rifles and that kind of stuff.
    I'm sorry for my English. I'm from Holland

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