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    Smile Jittery Playback

    Iíve already posted about this over on the Adobe Premier message forum. Iíve had some useful advice which Iíve taken on board but (a) my thread keeps slipping down the board and Iím reluctant to keep Ďbumpingí it back up to the top for fear of annoying anyone, and (b) I thought a fresh set of experts who may be able to advise would be a good idea!

    Iíve started editing together some old 8mm video footage using Premier Elements 2.0 which in principle appears to be more than capable for what Iím trying to achieve. However, Iím experiencing some problems with Ďjitteryí playback once Iíve applied effects and made adjustments to various clips. The problem only applies to Ďenhancedí clips; all other clips which Iíve simply imported, and trimmed are fine.

    This is the editing process Iíve tried so far:

    1. Footage captured from Digital 8 camcorder via Firewire.
    2. Split the editing into small chunks so as to be easier to handle/process.
    3. Import captured AVIís to project and trim as necessary.
    4. Make necessary picture adjustments and add transitions and/or effects as necessary, remembering to render for smooth playback.
    5. Exported all Ďchunksí to file as AVIís in order to import into a final Ďmaster fileí which I will then burn to DVD.

    The problem starts at step 5. When I either view the exported AVIís in isolation (i.e. on Windows Media Player) or import them again into a new project, the jittery playback occurs on any clips which Iíve enhanced in any way. I was advised to try applying reversing field dominance to each clip but this doesnít seem to work. Iíve even tried burning a small test clip to DVD to watch on TV but the picture still jitters on playback.

    Thereís also a particular problem with the Particle Generator video effect which makes the playback jittery as soon as Iíve applied it.

    Iím sure there must be a logical explanation for this, and thus a specific set of steps to follow in order to resolve it, but Iíve no idea what that may be and am becoming very frustrated with it all!

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    BTW the PC Iím using is a Sony Vaio VGNFE31H Laptop:

    Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 Processor 1.66GHz
    667 MHz FSB
    2 MB Cache
    1024 MB RAM
    120 GB Hard Drive
    DVD ReWriter MultiDrive
    15.4" Widescreen X-Black LCD Display
    Microsoft Windows Media Center
    256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 Graphics

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    When you say you cut down the video into smaller chunks and did so again when exporting this i believe is where your problem lies. - By the sounds of it you have been re-rendering your footage several times. Eachtime you do so you loose a little quality and the final mpeg cant handle it. Insedat of breaking ot down in the firstplace just use the full chunks.

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    Thanks for the reply, Irishmark.

    The reason I have been doing it in small chunks is that I first tried doing the entire thing in one go, i.e. importing AVIís, adding effects, transitions, etc, and then burning the finished project to disc. I got to about 19 minutes or so in the project (the total will be about 75 minutes) and realised that the playback was jittering away, and was then advised to break it down into smaller chunks and then bring them all together at the end ( I w3as told that this is the best way to assemble a larger project in any case).

    If youíre right about re-rendering then that may well be the problem. I think I know how to get round that so Iíll give it a try.

    Thanks again.

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