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Thread: Tired Premier 6.5 Crashes

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    Default Tired Premier 6.5 Crashes

    After a few years happy use my Premier 6.5 is tired and Windows closes it the very first time you put the drag tool at either end or to restore an over deleteed part of the clip in the time line. Microsoft says talk to Adobe and Adobe says no support for 6.5. What am I supposed to do?

    I have recently done recovery of preinstalled S/W that came with my Sony machine. I had to reinstall Adobe Premier 6.5 and DVDit SE 2.5 also. But I think since the reinstallation the S/Ws have worked OK. I may be wrong here.

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    Every 6 months or so I re-format my machine and do a complete reinstall of Windows and all the applications i use. I do this because Windows does nit like it when you use appliocations that hammer the system.

    This works for me but by the sounds of it you had P6.5 running on one achine for a few years. if so its not surprising that this has happend.

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    Thank you Irishmark for your response to my problem.

    Adobe seemed to be very good at providing frequent fixes online automatically. But when reinstalling from a CD/DVD the above-mentioned fixes will be lost. Am I right?

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    MOst likely yes they will be lost.

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    Does not that amount to hiring the S/W rather than buying it?

    The reinstalling will take you back to the original S/W with bugs and all.

    An end to the development of a product by its owner is understanable but blocking the access to the fixes etc at will is not. When they do so what is the status of their coprights? I wonder what will these people say if some bright spark takes the original Premier, works on it and offers "bugs" free version for a price?

    I also wonder what Trading Standards people have to say about it.

    Finally can I sell copies of my original? After all the copyright owners have declared that in a way they have nothing to do with it now.
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    Premier 6.5 crashes every time I use the selection tool to lengthen or shorten the clip in the time line after an over cut or at the cut or ends of the clip. This is driving me crazy.

    I notice that my captured file (clip) does not match with other project settings. It may not be the reason for the crashes as it may have been like that before but went un noticed as I have been using the combination of Premier 6.5 and DVDit 2.5 SE successfully for years.

    I have recently reinstalled most of the S/W (Premier 6.5 and DVDit 2.5 SE). I have also upgraded MPEG Encoder to Ver 1.2 but I think I have used the S/W successfully since for a time. The problem seems to be independant of the re installation.

    I select DV PAL Real time preview Standard 32 Khz preset. Project Viewer tells me the following:

    Capture Settings

    ModeDV/IEEE 1394 Capture
    Compressor:Microsoft DV (PAL)

    Project Settings

    Mode:Microsoft DV AV1
    Compressor:Microsoft DV (PAL)


    Mode:Microsoft AV1
    Compressor:MainConcept DV Codec 2.0.4

    Export Settings

    Mode:Microsoft DV AV1
    Compressor:Microsoft DV (PAL)
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