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Thread: Required free HDD space

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    Default Required free HDD space


    I heard that when editing in Premiere, for every 1 GB of video, you need 3 GB of free HDD space. Is that true?


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    Oddly enough, you need 1GB of hard disk space for every 1GB of video files. It's a good idea to keep ~10% of you hard drive empty at all times though, otherwise, the hard drive starts going slower and if you cross a critical line of too much stuff on your hard drive, it is possible to overwrite existing files on your hard drive and create an awful mess that can be irreparable.

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    Actually, thinking about this, doesn't Premiere Pro create preview files in a seperate file? I think this is how it enables the "real time" preview. It also creates Confirmed audio and video files (but I think this is more for cmpressed video). I guess if you're outputing to a DV AVI file, you'll also need spare disk space to output.

    But a 3:1 ration? That's crazy talk isn't it? LOL I'd tend to agree with Mickp here, as generally speaking it would be closer to 1:1!
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    Thanks guys, I needed to check this.

    I have almost six hours of material that I have to edit, and only one 20GB HDD available. Since one hour of compressed video is about 12,5GB in size - I thought that just one new 80GB HDD will be enough.

    Then I received this 3:1 information and had to know for sure how big HDD I'll need. From what you wrote, I need one new 160GB HDD.

    Good thing I checked it here first.

    Thanks again.

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    It will probably take up ~75Gig, so an 80Gig drive probably doesn't leave enough room. 100Gig probably would be Ok, though.
    The saying \"always back up your work\" applies to video aswell!!

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