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Thread: kind enough to help guys?

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    Default kind enough to help guys?

    hi guys.. im very new to video editing... and i dunno how to video edit... stuff and so on.. i just want to know the basic

    by looking at the above video... may i know how to do that...? using the same song but keep changing scene......must i need a camrecorded?

    pls help guys.. .>.< thanks

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    Yes a camcorder would help lots!

    Also it looks like they used imovie, which is free software on any apple mac, and is very easy to use (it even tells you what to do to get started)

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    dude.. but i dun have 1 camcorded... i only got a handphone... k800i.. izzit posible?

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    You will be able to use the video off your phone but the quality will be very very poor.

    From now on can please try to type properly! - It makes it very difficult to read what you are saying - Thanks.

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    okay.... well so... i need windows movie maker right? i need to record alot of videos and eh mix them together to turn like that video above?

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    making videos (especially music videos) can take quite some time, especially if you want lots of different locations.

    and make sure you get any lip syncing spot on with the music, or it will make the whole thing look silly.

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    well guys... may i know some guide on doing it... i dont even know what is lips or anything.... i dont mind spent the time if you help me >.<.....

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