The APV 2007 competition

Entry is open to both APV members and also non-members. In 2006 non-members were winners.

The 2007 Categories will be:
• Best Wedding Video Production 2007, (APV Wedding Videomaker of the Year 2007)
• Best Corporate or Commercial Video Production 2007, (APV Commercial Videomaker of the Year 2007)
• Videomaker of the Year 2007 (APV Videomaker of the Year 2007)

For the very first time any piece of work submitted in the first two categories will automatically be entered into Videomaker of the Year 2007. This means that you can potentially have three entries and they will all be considered for the final most prestigious category.

The judges will not be announced until after the final decisions have been made. The judges’ combined decisions will be final. No discussion as to why one film won over any other or how or why the judges reached their decisions will be entered into at any time; neither will any of the marks be disclosed at any time. APV employees or staff will not be involved in judging.

Entry is free to APV members. Non-members can enter but at a cost of £35 per entry. Only one entry per category is allowed which means the maximum number of entries one person can make is three.

Submissions should all ideally be under 25 minutes (weddings can exceed this) and supplied on DVD in PAL (we will still accept VHS, but please no mini-DV or BlueRay!). All media will be tested on receipt and any problems reported back to the producer.
All persons involved in making the video and their roles should be fully disclosed (not acting talent, musicians or VO artists). The work can be a joint effort; however the person in whose name the work is submitted should have had overall control both technically and creatively, and should have performed the majority of the work.

The winners will be announced and will receive their trophies by the end of July 2007. Further details will be published when arrangements have been made.

Best Wedding Video Production 2007

This category encompasses all video productions made for a wedding that took place during 2006/2007. Either a full copy as supplied to the customer or a shorter version can be supplied. However if a shortened version is supplied the Judges will still expect to see all the relevant sections of the wedding day included; arrival at venue, the ceremony, the vows, the registry signing, reception etc. The wedding day film should show the events and story of the day.

Best Commercial Video Production 2007

This category encompasses all video productions made for promotions, marketing, training, fund-raising and produced for corporate clients, industrial, commercial, government or non-profit organisations. Members Video Showreel fall into this category. This category also encompasses all video productions that do not normally fall into the ‘Wedding’ or ‘Commercial’ video production categories, however must not be the same productions submitted to any of the other categories. It may be an event such as a bar-mitzvah, an awards ceremony or a special interest video (SIV), a drama, music video or a documentary. You can enter almost any kind of video you like in this category, however we ask that you do not breach any copyright issues or exceed basic boundaries of decency.

Videomaker of the Year 2007

This category encompasses all types of video production. So it can be a Wedding, Commercial, Drama or any other type of production. In this category the Judges will be looking for the very highest quality of work. All entires to the other two categories will automatically be entered into this category.

Judging for all categories will be done in two ways…
• on a number of pre-defined criteria that identify technical capability such as camera skills, audio, lighting, editing techniques etc.
• on content, story, treatment, style, overall watchability and enjoyment. They will be looking to see if they believe the film maker fulfilled the goals they set out to achieve.