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Thread: new guy here!!!

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    Red face new guy here!!!

    hi you all, nice forum, i hope you can helpme, im building a new video editing / animation pc, but i need some advices about capture boards, i was looking the matrox RT X2 and x2 sd but are kind of expensive for my 1500 limit lol, so if the hardware worth it well i can afford it :( , but i need some advices about canopus and other great brands (is dv storm dead? i aint see it anymore)
    Hope you can help me, im planning to edint on dv, analog, and hdv format, but i think my firewire is not enough for all that, because i need fast dvd output,and a lot of compositing layers.

    pc specs:

    BOARD: asus striker extreme
    CPU: intel core duo quad core kentsfield
    RAM: 8gb
    HD: 1x160 sata 2 for system, 4x300 sata 2 for video, 2X 250 EXTERNAL ESATA
    PC CASE: thermaltake armor va8003bws
    POWER SUPPLY: thermaltale tough power 1200w


    adobe production studio
    autodesk 3d max 9, maya 8.5, combustion 4

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    Unhappy ???'

    any ideas no one?

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    The Matrox RT X2 is not really a capture card. Don't get me wrong, you can use it as one if you like but as you said yoursefl, it is very expensive. This card is a realt time high def video edittign card which allows you (most of the time) toavoid the need to render your work before you can view. If your time is important then consider this card a serious option. I have the previous incarnation (the RT.X100) for real time SD editting and it has proved to be money well spent indeed over the years).

    The trick with capture cards generally is that you may well just not need one. You only need an actual capture card if youare capturing footage from an analgue source such as a VCR (i.e. converting VHS tapes) or an old camcorder. IF you have a modern-ish camcorder that records to mini DV tapes then you don;t need a capture card at all. Your capture 'card' is just a firewire port.

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    Red face thanks

    thanks you allan, well, is really expensive, but i need a really real time solution, i was looking the rt x2 SD version, is more affordable and also has the same cool realtime effects, only 850 us, also compatible with my dv deck and betacam lol, anyway ill keep looking for a while, i saw yesterday the edius vx from canopus soo coool , but it has his own editing software....

    hanks great forum!!!


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