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    Quote Originally Posted by boudey View Post
    *asians beware, might be a little racist, no offense*
    Use a bit of common sense Boudey; that's a rather unintelligent thing to say. The 'joke' of the video is a racial stereo type which is I'm sure is hilarious to your mate in the video - but not to most of us. I really don't think this it was wise to post this.

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    Walking the line - IMHO if you are going to use racial stereotyping as a comedic device then it needs to go beyond the obvious and say something more than ' arent asians funny ', that really is heading towards racist territory.

    I am sure you meant no offence but to poke fun at someone purely because of thier race is the language of racists.

    Much comedy does use racial stereotyping in a way that does not mock anyone but rather seeks to expose the tensions and conflicts within us all in a way that mocks US for holding such bizarre beliefs.

    It's a triumph of comedy if you can pull it off, this didnt manage it. But I did like the lego.
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