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Thread: Converting DVD to Powerpoint compatible video?

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    Default Converting DVD to Powerpoint compatible video?

    I need some advice please. I'm trying to convert a short 20 min.DVD film into an AVI or other suitable file that can be played within Powerpoint. I also need to trim the file by deleting certain segments.
    I have tried various free software downloads, but the quality of the conversions are very poor. Are there any free solutions to this problem or will I need to buy something and if so what?
    Any help appreciated.

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    VideoPPT can help

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    If you haven'y already tried it, Camtasia is a good program. You can use it to record PPT presentation for video output, you can also use it to create videos that play within PPT. As it has the ability to edit scenes you should also be able to cut the scenes that are not required.

    You can download a free trial that works for thirty days.

    I am not connected with Techsmith other than being a VERY satisfied user

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    There are software alternatives that do this, Camtasia is excellent but a little expensive for personal use.Things I use like FlashDemo Studio.They offer personal version with a resonable price. Hope it helps.

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    Presentation To Video Converter is another good tool!

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    There are also some cool websites for conversion.

    I use a bunch for small projects

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