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Thread: Getting date through firewire.

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    Default Getting date through firewire.

    Hi, just a newbie here after some help.

    I am trying to get some home video from DV tape to DVD. The tapes have date stamps that are from when they were recorded and I want them to be on the DVD when I'm finished. I don't seem to be able to get the dates to show up on the PC when dubbing through firewire. I have tried a Panosonic NV_DS50A and a JVC GR-DVL210EA and used windows movie maker, pinnacle studio 10.5 and Vegas 7 all of which only bring video and sound but not the date from the tapes. I have set the date to be visible on bothe cameras and the JVC has a menu setting that says "send the date to TV" (or something like that) but I'm assuming that's only when using the AV leads.

    Any clues??? Hope I've made sense


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    im not sure about that, but heres a solution, why don't you write down all the dates, and add them in each clip before you send to the dvd in vegas or whatever program

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    I thought this was about a new dating service.

    As far as the data showing on a firewire transfer it is not possible. If you really want that data to show you will have to copy (capture) the video from the composite out signal. That would degrade the video compared to the firewire but you would have the data showing on the video.

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    Thanks for the replies there guys.....


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    That is a great utility. Thanx for the enlightenment!

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