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Thread: Somebody Explain This One, Please

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    Default Somebody Explain This One, Please

    I'm a newbie to this board, but I have been a video editor for 8+ years now. However, this is one I've never seen before, so let me know if you can help. I will try to state this as clearly as possible, and hopefully won't leave out any pertinent info.

    1) I have been working on a video project now for about 4 weeks. (working in Premiere Pro 2. Project is shot 24p). I have worked on several 24p projects before so I am pretty fairly familiar with the ins and outs of the format.

    2) I have finished the 1st cut, including abour 8 audio tracks with music and effects.

    3) About this time I switched to a new computer that was built especially to my specs for video editing. The storage drive containing all the files for the project, including 9 rolls of footage was removed from my old machine and placed in an external drive box, then attached to the new computer.

    With me so far?

    4) Okay, so back to the project. After all these weeks I am pretty familiar with the project and my footage and whatnot. I have even kicked out a cover copy of my project, copying all my audio tracks individually so that I could reasemble them on a new timeline.

    5) Now this is where the trouble starts. In the process of recopying the above mentioned audio tracks (because I have made a few changes) I noticed that the dialog track to a couple of video clips went blank. They were still physically there on my timeline but I couldn't hear them. Not on my original project; not on the copy.

    6) I checked out the footage files on these two particular clips and the audio doesn't play there either!

    7) But this is the kicker. When I re-imported them from the original tapes, THEY STILL WOULD NOT PLAY. I re-imported the whole hour-long tape but it is only THESE TWO CLIPS that won't play audio! I have tried re-importing through Premiere, and Vegas, loaded them onto 3 different drives, both internal and external, and nothing works. I have audited the tracks in Adobe Audition, and it definitely registers a signal, but there's no sound. and I don't understand it. i have not treated these particular clips any differently than the rest of my project, and rest assured the sound is DEFINITELY THERE on the original tapes.

    So I am stumped. Considering the nature of the problem, I can't see how switching to the new computer can be a factor. On the other hand I haven't got a clue what is happening, so if you guys have any ideas, I would really appreciate the help!

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    Default Oh And Did I Mention . . .

    I am working on a PC. But then, I have always worked on PC's and never had THIS problem before.

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    Don't know if this will help but give it a try:

    select Project - Project Settings - General - Playback Settings. Under Audio Playback, select the "Play Audio on Audio Hardware" radio button. Click OK.

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