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    Hey guys, this is my third video I'm showing here, it was for my german class. Title pretty much explains it as best as possible. Oh and its in german, so pretty much what happens is the chancelor is kidnapped and jack finds a terrorist that knows something and he gives some info, and then jack finds the guy who did it. I put it up mainly so u guys can look at the editing, the acting was all kinda bad

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    hi just seen you film. I am a brit living in germany and your german was very good. Obviously not perfect as the way you pronouce some of the words is wrong, but i understood nearly all of it.

    Well done not alot of people would even atempt such a thing in there own language
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    You did a complete 13min movie for your German class? That's great, the editing part was good, taken the material you had to work with into consideration. To tell you the truth, even if the quality of the camera, lighting and dialogs was not good, I enjoyed watching it. I understand German and the dialogs made the film unintentionally funny, but I admire you guys for this effort to speak it.

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