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Thread: Because the twisted survive.. even without straight jackets.

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    Default Because the twisted survive.. even without straight jackets.

    Everything by this band is done without studio help... including the video I made. I know this sounds cheese ball but check it out. It rivals professionals. Any constructive comments (good or bad) are welcome and can also be directed to:



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    I realized I'm being a smuck and not introducing myself...

    I live in Aztec, New Mexico, U.S.

    Video has been a passion for about 5 years now. Currently I'm going through the process of finishing up an Indie full feature film shot in DV titled "Turn Awakening". I definetly fall under the starving artist category... though hopefully with more practice I can change that.

    Everything that I shoot and edit is done out of my own pocket and with friends. I have some of the best friends in the world and without them I would have nothing. The exception is that my feature Indie is Sponsored by a local brewery called "Ska Brewing".

    I'm married, no kids. My current job is Instrumentation and Control for the Natural Gas field.

    One day I hope to be able to direct and/or edit for a living. Your feedback will help me improve and I sincerely thank any help you can give.

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    Love the music, and you've definatley got some good ideas and structure.

    The bits that I thought could be inproved is the camera work (a bit wobbly in places, that didn't look intened) and editing/grading of final vid. (could have boosted the constrast, and not sure about some of the transitions). But this is just nit picking.

    Definatly a good effort!

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    Hmmm... I'll try playing around with the contrast and see what that looks like. Thanks for the input!

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    Top marks for effort and originality.
    I have to agree that the camerawork wasn't up to scratch, which was a pity since you've obviously put in a lot of work on the video. I feel that if the camera operator had been better, this would be an ace music video. So, in your shoes... I would go for a re-shoot.

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    I see what you're saying... unfortunately I can't reshoot due to various issues. I will however try to make steady shots a higher priority in the future.

    I really appreciate your help. With the exception of a video production class at a community college, I have no formal education on this. So your input is really helpful.

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