Hi there. Does anyone have any examples of using Studio with motion backgrounds? I'd really like to see what it can do, so I can learn myself. I'm also looking for a good training site(s) or forum to learn what some of the advanced features in PInnacle can do. I'm trying to use one photo as a background and have a second photo slowly fade in - PIP just doesn't cut it , unless I'm not using it correctly.

I can't seem to find a way to get Pinnacle Studio to do anything out of the ordinary with text either. (outside of the boring scrolling)

Thanks in advance for any help! Just trying to broaden my videos and give them a little more pizzaz!

P.S. Anyone know of any other packages out there similar to Pinnacle that are affordable?
Did not care for Sony Vegas. I've purchased and use alot of the additional FX transitions that Studio provides and can't find a package that has the Hollywood affect for the same affordable price. I do alot of slideshows with music and incorprate alot of video frm my camcorder. It takes soooo long using Pinnacle because of the instabiity.