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Thread: I need a little help with Chroma-keying...

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    Default I need a little help with Chroma-keying...

    Hi, I'm using Vegas 7.0 and macromedia flash. My purpose for my project was to video-tape myself, chromakey the background, send the video to Flash, and created an animated background with me inside usign flash.
    I know how to use chroma-keys, and it works fine inside sony vegas 7.0. However, when I export/render the chromakeyed movie (with transparent background) as avi, the background turns out black- not transparent. When i import this movie to macromedia flash, the movie's background is black, not transparent. Can anybody help me with this problem? sry for my lack of video editing knowledge.

    **not sure but is it because avi or wma doesn't support transparency? or maybe i should use another video editing program?

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    I would import your animated background into Vegas and complete the vid in there. If you need it in Flash, make the whole movie and then import.

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    well, it's just that i find it incredibly difficult to synchronize my actions and the animated backgrounds unless i draw the animated background head to head with a video of myself, cuz on videos where the animated backgrounds actually interact with the chroma-keyed object, it's gonna look very awkward.

    Is drawing the background separately the only way around it? is there a way that i can import the chroma-keyed video into flash? (with its transparency retained)

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    Have you tried to Render it as an uncompressed avi. Go into the Custom > Default Template (uncompressed) > Video tab and make sure that "render alpha channel" is selected.

    When you use this file again right-click on the rendered clip and under Properties/Media/Alpha channel, in the drop-down menu, select "Straight (unmatted), instead of the default "None".

    This is how it would work in Vegas, it may give you an idea of how to work in with Flash.
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    wow, thanks gord it worked perfectly. thanks for your help!

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