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Thread: Please please help... (kinda in a hurry)

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    Unhappy Please please help... (kinda in a hurry)

    I have borrowed a Canon MV20i DV camcorder and filmed some stuff on it. I have tried to get the footage onto my computer with firewire. I have now used 4 different programs to capture it, and read as many forums as i can, but i seem to have a problem... The footage looks and sounds fine on the camcorder, but when capturing becomes like a pixelated mosaic type thing which kinda skips around. I've used 4pinDV to 4pinDV cable, i've used firewire 4pin to 6pin and nothing i have tried has worked.
    If someone has any idea that would be much appreciated, as I need this in and edited by monday. Thank you in advance.


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    What spec is the computer you are using? Is it a laptop or a desktop computer, generally speaking laptops are no good at video editing, not enough systems RAM, not enough hard disk space, the processor is too slow, the hard disk cannot write and read data fast enough for video capture and playback and the motherboards are too slow aswell.

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    I have a top of the line laptop... so it works...


    I have found out that with this camcorder it has some sort of default that sets it to NTSC, (I'm in NZ, (PAL)) some guy made a patch, and it fixed it!!!!

    Thanks anyway.

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