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Thread: Capture Card / Device please.

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    Default Capture Card / Device please.

    Hi. Can anyone tell me how I might find out whether I do in fact have a video capture card installed on my PC ? I do remember that along time ago I had one installed, but so far I have checked my hardware wizard and all it is telling me is that I have a Legacy ? Video capture device installed that is working properly. I am not sure whether this is in fact the one I had installed or whether it is a default Windows capture device ? I have successfully installed Windows Movie Maker 2.0 but I can not capture video. Movie Maker is telling me : " No video capture device detected. Please varify that a Video capture device is properly installed and try again. "
    Could anyone kindly help me here ?

    Thanks Musivideo.

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    Check the sockets on your graphics card to see does it have any yellow, red or white connectors, check your PCI ports to see if there are any video/audio connectors including Firewire installed in them and finally check to see if you have Firewire sockets/1394/i-Link? Also look in the Device Manager for IEEE/1394.

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    Default Re : Capture Card.

    Thanks Nikosony.
    I'm not sure at all how to search and check all that within my PC, but your help is greatly appreciated and I will certainly try. Thankyou indeed.

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    Finding that is easy, just look on the backside of you pc if you find connectors that look like below image (klik link)
    It looks a bit like an usb connector, only bigger.

    If you don't find that, you can buy such a card real cheap and install it easily, if you don't like opening a pc, you can ask a local pc shop to do it, it will take then 5 minutes.

    No capturedevice detected means that your camera is not recognised, when you get that message, is you camera connected to your pc? and what have you used to connect it? A usb cable? If that is the case, a firewirecard and cable are a better option to transfer your footage to your pc.

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    Default Re : Video Capture etc

    Hi noa.
    Silly me ! I think the dialogue box : " No capture device detected " is coming up simply because I don't have a camera or similar connected !
    I thought it meant that a capture CARD only has not been connected.
    Anyway, as soon as I've filmed some footage I will follow your instructions, connect my camera and then follow the steps to capture the video.
    Thankyou for being so helpful. If OK with you I will keep in touch as I proceed.
    I'll send you a DVD when we've finished, but I have a long way to go.
    This is my first attempt at video editing. I'm looking forward to it .

    Thanks, Musivideo

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