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Thread: Sorry to bother you all again!

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    Default Sorry to bother you all again!

    Sorry to bother you all again!
    So, I upgraded to premiere pro so I can make my wedding DVD's from there...I don't know if Im just too picky or over critical, but Im just not getting that same high quality that my camera records...Im beginning to hate DVD's. I've tried VBR instead of CBR and I can't really see any difference. Any ideas guys? do you know what the best settings are?
    Also Im shooting and editing and burning in 16.9 but it somehow doesn't look right? ?


    Bridget x x

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    What camera do you use? If its a sd camera and if it doesn't have a native 16:9 lens and if it records letterboxed 4:3 your image will be stretched to fit a 16:9 tv afterwards, you can see that the image quality diminishes compared to the same recording in plain 4:3.
    It would also be better if you have a seperate authoring program such as encore since it has better manual control on how you want it on dvd.
    What settings have you used to convert to mpeg?

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    Do you capture the video directly into Premiere Pro or import it from another source. I have done wedding videos for clients before and I always capture directly into Premiere. I find it produces better quality.

    Mark Strutt


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