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Thread: Sony Vegas 7.0 memory problems

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    Default Sony Vegas 7.0 memory problems

    Hi everyone

    After having tried Sony Vegas 7.0 I must say that it is a very unique video editing software. There are a lot of features; Dissolve effects, a huge number of text and other special video- and audio effects. A good interface.

    BUT when it comes to the numbers of tracks You can add to Sony Vegas 7.0 - as so far I can edit - there is an invisible limitation of about 4-5 video tracks and 7-8 audio tracks and why is it so?? MEMORY PROBLEMS!

    To reduce its memory usage, decrease the number of threads to 1 and a preview allocation to 16 Mega byte (see "Video" under the "options" menu) AND do NOT use the TIF file format, because Sony Vegas loads all pictures in to the memory. Use instead the PNG file format to every image/picture You add to Your project (this format is also in 32 bit, so it can be use to make transparency effects). If You have pictures larger than the videoformat that You use (PAL, NTSC HD-V etc.) then do not scale it larger, than three times the videoformat, otherwise Sony Vegas 7.0 hangs up and You have to reboot Your computer in order to refresh the memory.

    Sony should consider to improve these problems. Final Cut is a worthy competitor to this program!

    Best regards

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    I dont mean to contradict you again but I've not suffered these issues at all. Are you sure you're not suffering these issues due to your system specs?

    Certainly the tif v's png point is debateable a TIF's are larger files but video is even larger. I use a combination depending on projects.

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    I would have to agree with Mark here. I completed a project recently where I used 16 audio tracks mixed into 5.1 surround and 22 video tracks. The main problem was keeping track of it all, but as far as everything else goes, Vegas performance was outstanding. The worst I suffered was jittery playback in the preview window if I selected Full-Best setting.

    I would respectfully suggest you check your system.

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    I agree - I have had over 50 tracks with no problem. I have run vegas with 512 meg, 1 gig and 2 gig ram and not encountered this. As suggested it looks like you may have a shortcoming / set up issue with your pc - what are the specs?

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