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Thread: Video Edidting Software for Music DVD ?

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    Default Video Edidting Software for Music DVD ?

    Hi Digital Director.

    I am a full time recording musician and I will be commencing filming for two of my songs included on my latsest CD and intended accomanying DVD.
    Filming will begin next week.
    I intend to produce a 2 disc jewell case pack being CD audio for my CD recording and an accompanying DVD which will be my scripted and storyboarded video DVD of at least 2 of my songs.
    I will be hiring a 3 chip video camera / recorder to do it, and I will be doing the filming myself. I am also an ex Art Director / Graphic designer.
    I am very lucky to have actors interested in my project, who will be giving me their services for free in return for my providng them with my music DVD which will serve as a good talent reel for them. Hence their interest and generous participation.
    I have a problem : I have no video edidting software.
    Neither have I video edited before.
    Is there a video editing software program either purchasable or even
    ( dare I say, freely downloadable full version ) that I could use for my project ?
    I have unlimited time in which I could train myself to video edit. I also have a good freind and video editor who I'm sure would help me.
    I have a video capture card already installed on my PC.
    Unfortunately I can not afford the high end video editing software programs such as Adobe Premiere etc, so perhaps I'm asking too much ?
    My editing will be simple in that I will be using minimal effects, probably fades, cross fades and disolves only, plus of course, opening title end credits.
    Might there be any options for me ?
    I would be very appreciative of any help and suggests, and I will in return post copies of my final production as thanks.

    cheers. Musivideo

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    There are several entry editors for adobe, magix, sony and so on which cost 1/10 of the "real thing". They are more then enough capable to produce your videoclip. Best would be to ask your friend to see what he uses and buy the limited product instead, lets say he uses premiere pro, you could buy premiere elements which is much cheaper. In that way your friend will be able to help you wihtout a problem. If you buy an editor which he doens't know it will be difficult form him to know how it works.

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    Thanks noa ...definately will do, and Ive already managed to free download Windows Movie Maker 2.0. ...aint half bad !
    It seemes to have all I'll need re fades and transitions etc.
    But I have to sort out my capture card thing which of I thought I had one installed but appears not so. The only capture device I could find was Windows Legacy ?Video capture device ? whatever which seems to be default installed in my Windows XP Home ? Any chance I can use it some how to capture my film into Movie Maker 2.0 ? No ? - yes ?

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    You will need a simple firewirecard to transfer your footage and a firewirecable. It takes 5 minutes to build it in your pc and win xp recognized it automaticly.
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    If you're a designer too then I think Movie Maker 2 will end up driving you nuts!
    While its good for the novice i can see you getting frustrated very quickly with its limitations.

    You will need editing software and a DVD authoring software package too. Premier pro and encore is one route.
    Vegas 7 Bundled with Architect 4 is another.

    I'm a Vegas user. I'm also a professional and it has not let me down at all and if i'm right i do believe its slightly cheaper than Premier especially when u get the bundle option.

    HAve you considered producing a Hybrid Disc? This would be a Disc that when put in a CD player will play the audio and when put in a DVD player will play the video - all on one disc. - It will save you money on duplication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishmark View Post
    HAve you considered producing a Hybrid Disc? This would be a Disc that when put in a CD player will play the audio and when put in a DVD player will play the video - all on one disc. - It will save you money on duplication.
    How do you do that? Is there an option in dvd architect to create dvd's like this and can you use a "normal" dvd for it?

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    Hi Irishmark. I definately will not be able to use Moviemaker and will need to look at a real prgram. I have Cyberlink Power DVD already installed but I don't think it's a DVD authoring program. I seem to remember seeing a freeby full version downloadable on the net ? Is there one available that you might know of ?
    Hybrid disk sounds like a really excellent idea. Where could I purchase them ?

    Cheers and thanks indeed for your help.

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    Noa: I've not attempeted doing this myself - I've only ever provided MPEGS and nav structure to a company that took care of it.

    Musivideo: Cyberlink is only a player. You will need specific authoring software as with edit software there are freebies out there but they are all a bit shit. Taking on this whole idea may be a bit more thatn you can chew in one go but we will be happy to help you on the way.

    A hybrid Disc is essentially a normal cd/dvd. It is the process by which data is structured on the disc that makes it a hybrid disc. What i would recomedn is:

    # Get your video edited.
    # If you want the challenge take on the DVD authoring process or at least the design.
    # Once you have all the elements ready to go I'd contact a duplication house who will be able to quote you on creating the hybrid for you and duplicating it. Or you could research Hybrid discs more and if you can crack it then you are away.

    I believe that you can create a hybrid disc with Nero. - Not 100% As I said I have never done this myself but have seen the results which were excellent.

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    I use the shareware DVD Slideshow Builder which is very proper for me. It's very easy to create a customized DVD with photos and videos, and i can add music, transitions, and motion effects and make beautiful DVD menus.To be important, it has the great video eidting function. Also, it can create .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .3gp slideshows for our iPod, Zune and 3GP Cell Phones, or uploading to Youtube, etc.

    Download it free here
    A specific tutorial which guides you use it step by step is here

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