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    Video editing is just a hobby of mine but getting more into it I do a lot of extreme sports vids of my buddies and I was wondering what to get for editing software I have the money and Im building my own compter any sugestions on Motherboards/Video cards/CPU/Editing software please help!!

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    Just type "editing pc" or "video editing" in the search box and you will find a lot of the same open questions, with answers.

    Think every more experienced videographer will tell you a different story about which type of editing software you should use, it all depends on what you want to achieve and what you feel comfortable with. I f.i. have tried working with vegas, but as an adobe fan I couldn't get used to the vegas interface and different workflow. You could try to download some trialsoftware to give it a go and see what fits you best.

    For pc it also depends what your expectations are, I have an older 3,2 single processor pc and because I didn't make the switch to hdv yet my current setup workes just fine for me, I prefer stability over speed at this moment because I make a livin out of it.
    If you edit hdv get a fast pc, core duo processor, 2 gigs of memory and lots of harddisk space, one harddrive for your programs and windows and one or more drives for your footage. Graphics card should have enough memory available. (256mb min) Especially if you want to work with vista and see all the beautifull (and to my opinion useless) 3d tricks it can do. Assure you have enough usb2 and firewireports and that you get very good cooling, many entry pc's get damaged hardware due to insufficient cooling.
    I work with a tweaked xp pro version and expect to use it for at least 2 more years, I don't have any firewall, virusscanners or internetconnection on my editing pc (windows update? whats that? ) and that's the way it should be. Because the pc is dedicated to editing only I don't need security patches which sometimes can do more bad then good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by irishmark View Post
    I like the idea of having such an overview, especially because "What's a good editing pc question" pops up every week. A pitty though that only 2 so far felt the need to show off.
    Ok, I"ll be a sport and and fill out my specs as well.

    edit: 4crt's Mark? imagin what one 24" lcd would do as spacesaver.
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    Noa - Spacesaver? Yes, but I would like tfts to save electricity too ! BUT....

    its all a mtter of space v price. I have 4 19 inch crts all running at 1600 x 1200, that is lots of space. To the get the same area with tfts would need 3 big panels that would cost well over 1000, the crts cost me 100 for 4.

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    Well, I also still use a 19"crt, mainly because it gives a good and sharp image and because it was real cheap. I have been thinking of buying a 22inch widescreen, especially since they have been dropping in price considerably but I'm not sure what image quality these low-end screens will deliver. My wife has a 19" flatscreen which was very cheap as well but the image quality is worse then on my crt and spending 700-800euro on a very good flatscreen is a bit too much for me.
    I do get into space problems now because I have just one screen to edit, especially in after effects that can be a problem, but so far I managed. Then again, I like having a lot of deskspace (Not desktopspace ) to do all my adminstration so I gladly take the disadvantage of having just one 19" screen.

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