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Thread: Efea - an experimental short videoclip

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    Wink Efea - an experimental short videoclip

    I thought some of you guys might be interested in this small video on Metacafe.

    Here is the link :

    The video is about only 3m30s.

    This is a video I edited a while back - around 2002 - and at the time of the World Premiere in France, the director, a friend of mine, had to wait 3 days when it was originally screened because he could not get in the first 3 days as all the tickets were sold...

    Hope you enjoy it. If possible, leave a comment on the site for my friend and rate it also, she would appreciate it...
    as would I...

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    I love the ancient yet modern feel of it. I wish I could understand what was being said. Even without that I was very impressed.

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    while i watch this video i really really want to not like it. The shakey camera work and the 90's techno keying really make me wanna hate it BUT...

    I really like it. I think its a cool track and the video suits perfectly.

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    Thank you all for the comments.

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