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Thread: Give me one program that does it all - SIMPLY

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    Default Give me one program that does it all - SIMPLY

    Ok fellas, its like this. I,m new to this editing game and I,m getting very bogged down trying to get the footage onto DVD.

    I first used Pinnacle studio 8 but the video was out of sync with the audio.
    Which was a shame as I found it easy to use.

    I then tried Ulead video studio 7 but found it quite difficult. Someone told me to try ulead media studio which I also found difficult.

    I then tried Windows Moviemaker 2 but it required further software to get the footage onto DVD.

    I,ve now burnt a DVD that plays OK on my PC but on my standalone DVD player it pauses then goes then pauses then goes, etc etc.

    All I want is a simple to use program that does the editing or accepts a good range of file formats and can also render and burn.

    Is there such a thing?

    I,ve tried TMPGEnc, DVD lab and Power producer 2.

    Its probably me but it seems like none of these programs will do EVERYTHING.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    You may have already found it, but I have found in the past that the Ulead web site has a user forum, Which I have found very useful, also the people that generally answer, are very straightforward in their answers. and seem very knowledgeable, sorry I cant help any further, but if you havent already tried them, it's certainly worth a try
    best of Luck

    reg G
    Reg G

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    Cheers Reg, I,ll give that a go. Which Ulead product are you inferring is the ONE?


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    ULead offer, on their Website, Tutorials on all their Video Editing products. In my view though Video Studio is the more simplistic and therfore easier to learn.

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