Hello to everyone on videoforums.co.uk!

Here at TeamTV, we've been beavering away on our most recent production, trying to get it all finished off and online for everyone to see, we just thought we'd post a link here so you can have a watch if you want, and if you have time, please feel free to leave us some feedback about the piece!

Please check out "Flying Apart"

TeamTV is a group of amateur filmmakers working out of Reading, Berks, UK. We are of all ages and come from all walks of life, some of us work (of have aspirations to work) in the film industry, some of us have a passing interest in various aspects and some of us just have too much time and want to have some fun with a camcorder.

We meet every week to dsicuss, plan, learn and shoot, anyone interested in meeting us or becomang a part of what we do is welcome to come and meet us. See the webste for details.

We are currently in production for our next film, entitled "Another Life", our first feature length film shot on MiniDV.

Please pay us a visit at http://www.teamtv.org.uk!


Larry Brangwyn