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Thread: Best audio format when rendering Quicktime?

  1. Question Best audio format when rendering Quicktime?

    I'm rendering a Quicktime file in Vegas and wondering what best audio format is to use? I want to keep file size down to a minimum and 'uncompressed' is just giving me too big a file. I tried the 'QDesign Music' one, but that sounds a bit tinny in my case. Which is the best, or is there another one I can obtain somewhere that will do the job? Sound in question is combination of music and fight sounds. Quite important quality is maintained. Any advice...?

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    If you want to keep file sizes down then you cannot have it uncompressed. Keeping file sizes down implies you will render it out and "compress" the video in doing so.

    The standard settings are fine - just keep the bit rate nice and high and it will be fine.

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    Video is compressed, as is audio, but that's where the problem lies. Video is fine, but audio sounds tinny and not at all right using the default QDesign Music audio format (even with bit rate set to max). Only way I could get it to sound right was using uncompressed audio (video still compressed).

    I've since found one of the other audio formats gives a much better result though. Slightly bigger file size, but quality is far superior.

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