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    My current CPU does not have a firewire port, I am trying to get one installed. The one they are trying to sell me is a firewire module, it has the firewire port that USB's to the CPU, in other words it is a stand alone module that you plug the firewire cable into, then that plugs into the CPU via a USB. Is this any good? Help.....
    Thanks in advance

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    I'd avoid it.

    Buy a PCI card instead.

    This'll do you:

    (no retailer recommendation intended)
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    Also, look on the rear of your computer to see if you have any sockets with 1394 written above them but without any actual Firewire sockets installed. It will have a little silver plate that you can remove. If you have a single port like this you might be able to get your hands on a push in 1394 socket that goes directly into the motherboard and not have to take up an entire PCI slot just so you can have access one Firewire port.

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