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Thread: New system purchase. Need help on Quad Cores, Quadro FX cards and Monitor?

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    Default New system purchase. Need help on Quad Cores, Quadro FX cards and Monitor?

    I am about to buy a new system for use with Avid/Photoshop/After effects.

    I am looking at a system from Armari with the following upgrades.

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor
    1280gb of hard disk space 4 x 320gb Seagate Baracude Sata II
    XP 64bit

    There is a graphics card upgrade to the PNY QuadroFX 15000 Pro 3D PCIe x16 for 161, but I don't know the performance benefit the QuadroFx cards have. Any advice?

    I have chosen to go for a Quad core processor as an article I read says they are a lot faster than dual core

    However is there such a noticeable difference in the real worl?

    There are two versions the Quad Q6600 and the Quad Extreme QX6700. Does anyone know whether there is a significant performance benefit betweent these? It is an 80 upgrade.

    Finally I have found a Belinea 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor for 210.31 inc VAT from

    This seems great value when compared to the Dell monitors, and has very good reveiews. Can anyone see any reason not to go for this?

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    Graphics cards - dunoo, probably little difference in actual use unless you are a fps / games nerd.

    CPU - 4 cores definitely worth having but do check your fav s ware supports 4.

    Considor fitting a 10,000rpm raptor as your system drive - you appear to have the cash and in my expirience a fast sys drive speeds up overall system performance big time.

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    My advice would be to look at the software you are intending to use. Then work back from there.

    If you go to the Adobe website, for example, their faq's and support notes give a lot of useful guidance on what is and what is not suitable for use with their software. They talk about the best motherboards, RAM configurations, graphics cards that best compliment their software. They also have user forums that allow users to report hardware issues that should help to identify potential problems.

    I'm totally not into Avid hardware requirements but I'd bet my salary that there's plenty of useful advice on their support forums.

    The PC you are looking at looks lovely. I'd give a kidney for it.

    My only question is this:

    Why Avid/Photoshop/After effects? Why not Premiere/Photoshop/After effects, thereby making matters somewhat more complimented?

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