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Thread: Hi definition camcorder help please......

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    Default Hi definition camcorder help please......


    I am going to buy a hi-definition camcorder, probably SONY HDR-HC7 and have editing programs that work with Hi def.

    However, I do not have a hi def dvd player but do have a hi def TV.


    What storage on camera do I buy?

    Tape….I can edit in hi def and presumably burn back out a new tape, to play via the camera to my HDTV. I end up with an original tape and an edited. Later on if and when I get a HD DVD player I can presumably put the edited tape in the camcorder; recapture on PC and burn to disk which will play in HD DVD.

    Do I need a special dvd burner in my pc form Hi def disks please?


    DVD camcorder……much as the tape except that I end up with an original unedited dvd and a new dvd which I have edited….again I presume I can input from the PC to the camcorder to burn a new disk?

    Or, do I have to burn the disk in the PC?

    This way I end up with a collection of DVD’s originals and editied.

    Finally do I go for

    Hard Drive camcorder?

    I see the problem being that I have no dvd player to play hi def on therefore I need to save the edited footage to something – the camcorder Hard drive will not store it all – it will son run out.

    It would mean I would have to save on external Hard drives and put back onto the camcorder to play in the TV as hi def……messy

    Am I completely missing the point – if so, please help and advise – I would be very grateful.

    Best wishes

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    hi, rayguselli,

    I recommend Panasonic PV-GS500 personal,

    the PV-GS500 does retain a lot of the top features that made the GS400 so popular, such as 1/4.7 inch CCDs, ProCinema and widescreen modes, audio level adjust, DV and USB 2.0 high speed ports, 4 megapixel stills, and 1.2 megapixel stills during video recording.

    New features on the GS500 include the highly regarded joystick menu controls, a widescreen 2.7-in. LCD, and a new AGS mode that is supposed to keep inexperienced shooters from wasting battery and tape by failing to pause the recording.

    To reduce user confusion, Panasonic has removed the fake cinema mode and now identifies the optical stabilization as OIS on the LCD/EVF.

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    Default Many thanks for the reply

    appreciate the help but this is not a hi-def camcorder and which is what I really wanted.

    It looks very well specified and with a Leica lens you cant go wrong....but , just not Hi Def

    Thanks again though - much appreciated


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