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Thread: Trailer for Ski Tour company

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    Default Trailer for Ski Tour company

    12Meg. But should be a quick server download.

    Below is a little trailer I produced for a ski / snowboard compnay in the French Alps.

    Any critique at all is welcome, I find it hard to be objective about my own work...
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    Good camera work, Good Editing, but i felt it dragged on too long and i was siting here like is it over yet but hey your doing your thing keep it up
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    I agree with Thunder on this - it was shot and cut well but it was jus a lil too slow and that's down to the tune you used. There was no build up it just droned along not driving any excitment.

    Also it didnt really say much about what it was. It wasnt altogether clear what it was advertising as it were.

    Lastly the graphics were all a little too small - they felt out of place, difficult to say why or how exactly.

    Other than that it was great!

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