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    Hello to all

    Hope I don't sound offhand but.........

    I want a simple camcorder for me hols. The Sanyo VPC-CA6 seems just the job for me. I realise that the quality compared to Mini DV, DVD devices must be less but would it be acceptable for a casual snapper like me.
    I have a digital still camera (old Sony Cybershot DSC S70) which gave me 320/240 images in 15 sec bursts. This is too low in quality and too short for me but if I get this Sanyo and shoot at 640/480 (there is a SHQ mode) will I get a *much* better picture or will I have to go to Mini DV or DVD units to get a decent video. Size is an issue also and this Sanyo device is easily carried.

    It's reasonably cheap as well (around 180 UKp)

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    Just buy the cheapest Sony in the dcr series, a dcr-hc24 f.i. will do just fine, it's small, cheap and deliveres good image quality. Furthermore it works with mini-dv cassettes which makes editing on an entry pc a breeze.

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    I am keen on the Sanyo because it fits in my pocket and the stills are good quality along with the 4gig sd stick. The only real thing stopping me is the actual quality of the video. Is 640/480 true TV video quality (the same as mini DV and DVD) for normal TV playback at home, or is it really c**p compared to mini DV and DVD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by newhit View Post
    Is 640/480 true TV video quality
    I think the camera records to mpeg4 and I haven't got an idea how it performs, a quick google showed that you don't have to expect that much on picture/image quality, the 640/480 is a lower resolution then standard minidv cams have which is 720/576 for pal regions.

    But if you want a very small and very portable cam and don't put that high standards on picture quality, this will do I think.

    One thing I'm not sure about either and that is how easy it will be to edit mpeg4, maybe someone else can give you more info on that.

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    Thanx for the input. It seems that there are 2 others soon to be available from Panasonic and Samsung as well as another Sanyo so, maybe, a bit of waiting is in order.

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