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Thread: Help! Problems capturing anologue footage.

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    Default Help! Problems capturing anologue footage.

    Hi there,

    I have been trying to capture footage from a video recorder to Sony Vegas 6.0 The problem here is that after the 'capturing' has completed, I find that during the process lots of frames have been dropped.
    I have been using Dazzle to capture the footage.

    Any advice on how to cure this problem would be great, or advice from anyone else who has successfully managed to capture anologue footage onto Vegas.


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    DO a google much has been said on dropped frames.

    Don't use the c drive to capture, turn all things off on windows, so noting disturbs the capture.

    Try and see if that is better.
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    Have you had ANY success with the DAZZLE? mine was hit and miss. Did you install any of the DAZZLE software?

    I'm assuming you are capturing analogue footage, this CAN have unfortunate noise issues. This leads to dropped frames.

    Just HOW bad is it? How many dropped frames over what length of capture?

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    Hey, I use Windows Media Encoder to capture analoge, and I get WONDERFUL results, if you would like, I can give you my settings, I have a ATI TV Wonder Pro 200, if that matters.

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    Hi there,

    I'm not familar with ATI TV Wonder PRO 200. What is this? To be honest, and feel free to call me a know nothing, but I'm also unaware of Windows Media Encoder.
    Care to shed some light on this for me as the problem of the dropped frames is driving me mad. I've tapes full of old family vids that I would love to get onto the PC

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    Default Dazzle is SHITTE

    I have a question because I have also a dazzle anagol capture device and to my HORROR it only works with the bundled S/W which is PINNACLE! nightmare stuff.....
    Anyway you said you used sony vegas to caputure your video
    with dazzle as your hardware;I cant belive it even worked at all!!

    This is what I have asked before--
    "I brought a Dazzle DVC 170 USB video caputre device,it captures video in mpeg 2 quality,but the problem I have with it is I can only capture video with it by using the S/W included which is 'PINNACLE STUIDIO 10" and its SHITEE.Does any else know of any software which will allow me to capture video with this device? "

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