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Thread: Saving to network drive error

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    Default Saving to network drive error

    Having a problem that seems to be mentioned on various forums but no one (not even Adobe) can answer!

    When I save to our shared network drive (which we have to so we can all see it plus all files are backed up form there) it will save the first time but won't allow me to oversave it... I have to Save As and rename it. Very annoying when you save regularly
    It says " Could not open the project file with write access. The file may be locked or you may not have permission". This doesn't seem to be a server thing as all other software works fine - its only Premiere. Surley using a shared drive is very common?!

    Any ideas?

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    IS your network drive firewalled? - If so you need to set it up to allow Premier to have access.

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    It is firewalled but our IT man has solved the problem by giving me full administrator rights on the server - there seems to be an error in Premiere regarding permissions as all other software woked fine and I had a high level of server permissons previously.
    So we've got round the problem but not solved the root of it. Hopefully something that will be solved in future releases of Premiere.

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    The last I heard on the subject, Adobe simply did not support network drives at all. I always assumed it was a hangover to the days when networked and external drives were just not fast enough to 'keep up' but maybe this error has somethign to do with it as well.

    Their recommendation is to work on local drives and 'archive' work to network and/or external drives as necessary.

    Could you work locally and then just copy the files across the network at reasonable intervals.

    I'm not saying it's ideal but it might help a little.

    edit: further idea. After you save the first time do other users open or 'use' the file at all while your projerct is still open. If so then when you try toi write the file a second time then Windows will have a lck on the file and will not allow you to overwrite it. Just thinking out loud.
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    Thanks Alan - yeah we'd been through the "all reboot and don't open the file" situation and it wasn't that. I think the work locally and copy across seems the best way. I heard about an update/new release of Premiere (not sure if thats a v2.1 or a v3) in the summer, so fingers crossed its been addressed.
    I haven't found a suggestion area specific to Premiere on the Adobe site to nudge them into looking into it - I couldn't even access the UK support page!
    Any further news if people find the 'magic solution' then let us know. Meanwhile I'm gonna go all local again....


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