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Thread: Backwards footage question!!!

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    Question Backwards footage question!!!

    I am (trying) to make a film consisting entirely of reversed and speeded up footage - the intention being to create a film that has the impression of being a silent 15fps film being played at normal PAL rate. I have recorded all the action (backwards) on PAL DV 16:9, and have already come up with a rough cut. However, when watched back... (if you can give me an answer you probably already know where this is going!) ...either small jagged lines appear across the screen where the interlace fields have gotten out of order, OR the film flickers unpleasantly when a character moves sharply...

    • reversing feild order
    • choosing upper (instead of lower) feild first when exporting (in Premiere)
    • De-interlacing altogether
    I am runnning out of ideas, have deadlines approaching, and am sure that someone out there knows the truth of the matter and can give me a simple yet satisfying answer!!

    Thanks to those who reply..

    Platinum Anchovy

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    Did you shoot letterboxed and what are your project settings? What type of camera has been used for the shoot?
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    I shot on a Sony HVR-A1E HDV camera, but used the cameras down conversion to squeeze the footage into 4:3 so footage is anamorphic. Do you think it is to do with the fact that I am using anamorphic?

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly

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    I don't have a hdv camera (yet) so I'm not sure how to handle this. What I can tell you, and maybe that helps is that some time ago I used mpeg2 footage from a harddisk videorecorder and transfered it to my pc were it became an avi. After I edited it and wanted to transfer it back to dvd as mpeg2 the image was choppy and you could clearly see interlacing if objects moved.
    I also tried every possible setting in premiere or encore which did'nt help, at the end I used canopus procoder were I left all settings at default exept the bitrate which was over 9000, after changing that to 6000 my converted film looked perfect and without any trace of interlacing.

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    Where exactly are you seeing these 'jaggies'? It's very important!

    You've captured and editted your footage right? Are you seeing these jaggies in your preview window on your PC or have you exported to MPeg2 and built a DVD and see the jaggies on you TV?

    If it's the first then you have no porblem and this is entirely normal as you are simply watching an interlaced signal on a non-interlavced device (PC monitor) and this is what it looks like.

    Export to MPEG2 and cut a DVD and watch it on yor TV and it'll be just fine.

    Unless, of course, you have not used 'normal' settings at any stage. I did this once during capture and messed up any chance of getting a good DVD copy out. Only really watchable on PC screen now :(

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